How To Assemble Barbie Camping Tent (Easy Fix)

Barbie loves camping, but she doesn’t own a tent. That’s why her friend Emily decided to help her by assembling a tent that Barbie can use for her next camping trip! 

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps that Emily took to assemble Barbie’s new tent.

Unboxing Barbie Team Stacie Camping Play Set! Real Tent
Assembling camping equipment can be tricky, but following instructions carefully can make it easier
Additional resources, such as guides and playsets, can provide helpful tips and hours of imaginative play
Safety should always be a priority when camping, so taking precautions and being prepared is crucial

Step 1: Purchase Material

The first step to making your own Barbie camping tent is to purchase the material. You should buy enough material to create a tent that is big enough for Barbie, Ken and their friends. 

It is important that the material be easy to cut and drill through, so look for something sturdy like canvas or denim. 

If you are buying from an online retailer, it is best if you purchase the fabric in advance so you can cut out all of the pieces at once.

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Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Now that you have the pieces, it’s time to cut them out. First, lay out your pattern and mark where each piece needs to be cut. 

Using a ruler and pencil, measure how wide and long each piece should be and mark these measurements on your cardboard sheets. 

Then use a drill to make holes where the cuts will be made so that they don’t split apart when you cut through them with scissors or a utility knife.

Once your pieces are marked, go ahead and start cutting! The best way I’ve found is to measure 3-5 times per side so as not get confused while cutting (it happens). If you find yourself taking too long at this point in assembly process, take breaks! 

Cutting can become frustrating quickly if it feels like it takes forever (and if your hand hurts), so try doing something else helpful inside while waiting for some glue drying time or just let things sit overnight if possible

Steps to Cut the Pieces

Lay out your pattern and make sure it is aligned correctly.
Mark where each piece needs to be cut according to the pattern.
Use a sharp cutting tool, such as scissors or a rotary cutter, to carefully cut along the marked lines.
Pay attention to any notches or markings that indicate a specific location or alignment for each piece.
Double-check all pieces to ensure they have been cut according to the pattern and are ready for assembly.

Step 3: Mark the Pieces

Once you have all of your pieces, it’s time to get them ready for assembly. First, mark the pieces with a pen or pencil so that you know which side is up and how they connect together. (The front of the tent is where all of the red fabric should be facing.) 

Then use a ruler to make straight lines: one at each corner, where two pieces come together; another along each edge of every other piece; and finally one line down the middle of each panel (except for the zippered door panel). 

It’s also useful to make angled lines from each corner diagonally toward their opposite corners on either side: these will be used later when attaching the doors and windows. 

After marking your pieces, use an accurate cloth tape measurer or yardstick if possible pool noodles work well too!

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Step 4: Drill Holes

Drill holes on the wooden pieces. Drill three holes on each side of the roof frame, one in each corner and one in the middle. 

Drill four to five holes on each side of the walls, two to three inches from the corners and two more in between.

Drill holes on the plastic poles. Use a drill bit to make a hole at least 1/2 inch deep into each end of each pole. Use pliers if necessary, but be careful not to break them!

Drill holes on plastic connectors: Using your hammer, gently tap an awl or nail into one end of every connector so that it makes an indentation about 1/4 inch deep (this will help keep your tent together). 

Then use a drill bit that matches your awl’s size or slightly larger to drill through both sides of every connector until you have six evenly spaced indentations per connector (three per side).

Step 5: Join the Wooden Pieces

Now it’s time to join the wooden pieces of your tent. To do this, you will use nails. The nails should be long enough to penetrate both pieces of wood and at an angle so that they don’t slide out when used. 

If you want, you can also use glue instead of nails but there are many benefits to using them such as being easier for younger children.

You can now begin building your Barbie camping tent!

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Step 6: Join the Plastic Poles

Now it’s time to join the plastic poles together. Use the plastic connectors to join two of your poles together. Make sure that you have aligned the connectors correctly, so that when you are done, each connector will be attached to one pole and will have a hole in it for the other pole’s connector.

Assemble Your Tent

Once you have joined all four of your poles together using their respective connectors, place them on top of each other and start overlapping one end of each piece until they form a circle. 

If this is difficult or doesn’t feel sturdy enough, take apart what you made and try again until there are no gaps between any two pieces of wood anywhere along its length!

Steps to Join Plastic Poles

Insert one end of a plastic pole into one of the plastic connectors until it is securely inserted.
Insert the other end of the same pole into a second plastic connector until it is securely inserted, making sure that the connectors are aligned correctly.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a second plastic pole and two additional connectors.
Connect the two sets of joined poles by inserting one end of each pole into a single plastic connector, and ensuring it is securely in place.
Add any additional plastic poles and connectors as necessary to complete the structure according to the instructions.

Step 7: Install Plastic Connectors to Plastic Poles

Plastic connectors are used to attach the plastic poles to each other. You can use a hammer to install these connectors on both sides of the pole. Make sure you install them correctly, and that they fit together tightly. 

Make sure you tighten them well, so they don’t come loose over time or from your tent being moved around in storage.

You’ll also want to make sure you use the right size connector for each side of each pole; smaller parts of your structure will be more stable when connected with larger parts than if all parts are identical in size and strength

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Step 8: Fix Elastic Cords to Frame

Having made the frame and the elastic cords, it is time to fix them together.

To do so, you will need a hammer. Use it to hammer in the elastic cords at equal distances from each other on either side of the frame. 

If you want to make sure that your tent is sturdy enough for camping, hammer in two elastic cords for each pole that forms part of the frame. You can use a measuring tape and a ruler as tools for measuring this distance.

Step 9: Spread Cloth on Frame and Fix Edges

Now it’s time to spread the cloth on your frame. Make sure that the edges of the cloth are lined up with the edges of your frame and then tape them down with a glue gun or some duct tape. 

This will keep everything in place while you’re assembling the rest of your tent!

Camping can be a great way to enjoy nature and spend time with loved ones, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Take a look at our guide on how to stay safe while camping for practical tips and advice on staying safe in the great outdoors.

Step 10: Make Door Frame of Cloth

You’re almost done!

Take a piece of cloth and sew it into a rectangle. Sew the sides closed, then turn inside out so that your finished product has an opening at the top. 

Sew around the edge of your rectangle to make sure that it’s sturdy enough to hold up if you put weight on top of it while camping in your Barbie Camping Tent.

Next, use pins to hold down each corner of the door frame as you sew around its edges with a sewing machine. It should look like this when you’re done:

Finally, take a button and sew it on top of where you want people’s hands to go when they open or close their doors (this will be above where we made our seam). Now we can put this on our tent!


We hope we have been able to help you with your Barbie Camping Tent assembly. If there is anything else that we can do for you please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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