How To Assemble Coleman Camping Cot (eASY fix)

Camping cots are a great way to sleep comfortably while in the wilderness. They allow you to rest your body on something that has a solid base and they fold up small enough to fit into most backpacks. 

In this article, we will show you how to assemble your Coleman camping cot so that it can be used right away on your next outdoor adventure!

Coleman Trailhead II Camp Cot
The article discusses step-by-step procedures on assembling the Coleman camping cot.
The article provides helpful tips for camping enthusiasts who are interested in assembling a Coleman camping cot.
Assembling a camping cot can enhance your outdoor camping experience.
Following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential to ensure that your camping cot is assembled correctly.
Camping cots offer several benefits over air mattresses, including improved support and durability.

Open the packaging and accessory box

Unpack the cot from its packaging and place it on a flat surface.

Check to make sure all parts are present, then confirm that there is no damage to the cot itself or any of its accessories. If you find anything amiss, please contact Coleman immediately for assistance resolving the issue.

Open accessory box containing your new Camping Cot, unfold and assemble according to instructions below:

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Connecting the end casters

The end casters are connected to the front and rear of the cot, as well as to the frame. There are also additional connectors that connect them to each side bar, which is called a “lifting strut.” 

Additionally, there is a center connecting bar that connects all four lifting struts together at one point in time when you’re set up on your Coleman camping cot. You’ll need to make sure all these parts are connected properly before moving forward with assembly.

Steps to Connect the End Casters

Step 1Place the cot frame on a flat surface with the end pieces facing up.
Step 2Locate the caster wheel assemblies and the corresponding mounting brackets.
Step 3Attach the mounting brackets to the ends of the cot frame using screws or bolts, depending on the model.
Step 4Insert the caster wheel assemblies into the brackets and secure them in place using the provided clips or pins.
Step 5Test the cot by gently pushing it to ensure that the casters are properly attached and functioning correctly.

Setting up the long pole

The first step is to insert the long pole into the holes on either side of the cot. The end should have a blue cap on it, and you want to make sure that this sits in between two holes at all times. You can check this by looking at the bottom of your cot, where there should be two holes on each side.

Then, grab one end and turn it so that it’s facing down towards you (like you’re going to stand up). This will help with stability and keep everything aligned properly when going through steps 3-5 below!

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Installing the side bar and legs

Unfold the side bar, which is a long, thin piece of metal with holes in it, and line up its edges with those of your frame. Make sure that when you do this, it’s not at an angle or otherwise uneven – make sure it is parallel to the ground and flat against the frame.

Next, slide one end of each leg extension into their respective part of your cot’s leg assembly until they click into place (see picture). 

This might take some force since they are locked in place by spring-loaded pins; however, there should be no resistance after this point as long as everything lines up properly!

Repeat for all four legs and voilà! You’re done!

Putting on the stabilizer cuff button

The stabilizer cuff button is the last piece you’ll put together, and it’s pretty simple. First, you’ll need to push the button through both holes in the frame of your cot. 

Then, you can use a hammer or mallet and tap on the top of your Coleman camping cot frame until it pushes into place.

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Placing polyester pads

The next step in assembling your camping cot is to place the polyester pads. These pads are used to provide comfort and support for your head, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. They also protect you from getting cold or damp on the underside of your cot. 

The Coleman camping cots come with four polyester pads, two each of extra-thick and thick. You can use either set of pads according to how much space you have under your cot (the thicker ones take up more room).

When placing these pads:

  • Place them evenly on top of each other across all four corners of the cot frame (that is one at each corner).
  • Place them on the right side of the frame not underneath it because they will be visible when using this particular model.

Installing the side cover

The side cover is a protective barrier that prevents you from falling over or stepping on the frame while you are sleeping. 

It also keeps bugs out of the cot and can be used as a privacy screen when camping in close quarters.

The Coleman Camping Cot comes with Velcro straps to secure the side cover to the frame. 

The Velcro straps should be placed near where they will be secured to each other so that there is enough slack for them to move freely when opening or closing them up, but not too much slack where they can bunch up and become uncomfortable when sleeping on your cot at night.

Make sure both ends are securely fastened together before deciding on this placement for each strap because once it’s locked into place, there’s no going back!

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Organizing equipment

  • Using the cot’s storage bag, store all of your camping equipment, including the cot.
  • Use the storage bag to store any personal items you want to bring with you.
  • If you are bringing a tent with you on your camping trip, store it in the same place as all of your other gear.

Steps for Organizing Camping Equipment

Step 1Create an inventory of all the equipment you’ll need for your camping trip, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking supplies, and personal items.
Step 2Sort your equipment into categories, such as cooking, shelter, and hygiene, to help keep everything organized.
Step 3Pack your camping gear in waterproof containers, such as plastic totes or dry bags, to protect it from the elements.
Step 4Label each container clearly with its contents to make it easy to find what you need.
Step 5Use a checklist to ensure that you have packed everything you need before you leave for your trip.
Step 6Store your camping equipment in a dry, clean place between trips, so it’s ready for your next adventure.

Remove the Cot from its Storage Bag

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the cot from its storage bag. This can be done by pulling on the drawstring at either end of the bag, which will help loosen and open up any tightness in the opening:

  • Unzip one end of your camping cot’s travel bag.
  • Pull out all of your camping gear, or just pull out enough to get to what you need (for example, if you only want to get at something in a side pouch, then only unzip that side).
  • Open up any flap(s) with zippers on them (if there are any).

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Unfold the Cot

To begin, grab your Coleman cot from its box and carefully open the bag.

Next, unfold the cot so it’s completely open. You should now have two legs on each side of a long tube with a seating area in between them.

Check for any parts that might have been damaged during shipping and/or storage. If there is anything missing or damaged, contact Coleman customer service immediately so they can send you replacement parts as soon as possible!

Extend the Uprights

When you’re done with the connections on one side, move over to the other side. Make sure that everything is taut and straight before proceeding.

Connecting the uprights to the legs:

The upright should be fully extended and locked into place at this point. Ask a helper to hold onto it from behind while you connect it to your box frame. 

Once they’re holding tightly, step back and make sure everything is aligned properly before moving forward with attaching any more pieces or securing things down with screws.

Attach the Leg Extensions

You’re almost done! Now it’s time to attach the leg extensions.

To do this, place one end of each leg extension in a U-shaped channel on the bottom side of each leg. 

Push down as far as it will go and then secure with a wing nut from below. Once you’re sure they’re secure and won’t come loose while you sleep, test out your cot by putting some weight on it to make sure it’s stable enough for your needs before getting in it (and checking that there are no sharp edges).

Extend the Legs

Now that you’ve got your cot all set up, it’s time to extend its legs. That’s right: The Coleman Camping Cot comes with two sets of leg extensions so you can use it as a bed or a chair at whatever height suits your needs.

To extend the legs, remove the cover off of one end of the cot and then remove two plastic pieces from their places on either side of the leg assembly (they’re held in place by spring clips). These are your leg extension poles! 

Put them through their respective holes and snap them into place with those same spring clips. Then go back to where you put away those plastic pieces and pick up your new-and-improved camping companion! 

You can use this tool as many things including a step stool to help climb up high places (such as mountain tops) or even store items under there if needed!

Secure the Upright Legs

Make sure the leg extensions are locked in place and the fabric is taut.

Check that the cot is level from side to side, front to back and from heel to toe (front edge of the cot). If a level is not provided, you can use a carpenter’s level or another straightedge to check for levelness. 

The Coleman camping cots come with adjustable feet that allow you to adjust the angle of each leg individually if needed (see instructions below).

Stretch and Pull Fabric Taut

Now that the cot is assembled, you have to stretch and pull the fabric taut. You can do this by hand, but I’d recommend using a mallet instead. 

The stakes are very long and need to be pounded in with force; a mallet will make it easier for you to get them into the ground without bending or breaking them.

After pounding in all four stakes (two on each side), tighten up the cot legs by using your hand or a screwdriver with pliers to pull out pins at each joint until they’re tight enough not to allow movement when you sit on them.

Next, tighten up the frame itself by pulling out pins until they’re tight enough not to allow movement when you try sitting on it or laying down on it.


With this simple guide, you can set up your Coleman camping cot in no time. You can use it for many different purposes and it is a good way to get some rest on your travels or at home. If you have any questions about setting one up, please let us know!

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What is a camping cot?

A camping cot is a type of portable bed typically used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or hunting. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

What are the benefits of using a camping cot over an air mattress?

Camping cots offer several benefits over air mattresses, including improved support, more durability, and better insulation from the ground. They are also typically easier to set up and pack down.

Are camping cots comfortable to sleep on?

Yes, camping cots can be very comfortable to sleep on. Most models are designed to provide support for your entire body, making for a comfortable night’s sleep even when you’re out in the wilderness.

Can camping cots be used in all weather conditions?

While camping cots are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow can affect their performance. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take proper precautions when camping in inclement weather.

How do I clean and maintain my camping cot?

The best way to clean and maintain your camping cot is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, it’s important to store your cot in a dry, clean place and to wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use. You should also avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.