How To Apply For A Backyard Takeover Show

I’m sure you’ve watched your fair share of home improvement shows on television. You know the ones: The Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and more. 

There are so many different programs that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your family. And if you want to be on TV yourself, it’s even harder! 

Lucky for you, I’ve got some tips that will help you get started with your own backyard Takeover.

Make It Happen Episode 1: Backyard Makeover
Tips for applying for a backyard takeover show
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Step-by-step instructions for applying for the HGTV backyard makeover
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Frequently asked questions about the HGTV backyard makeover

Look For Open Casting Calls

The first thing you should do is look for open casting calls. The show isn’t going to come looking for you, so don’t wait around for it! If you have a dream of appearing on a home renovation program, don’t be afraid to travel for an opportunity. 

If the location or date doesn’t work out with your schedule, send in a tape or video instead.

If you’re struggling with poor drainage in your backyard, don’t worry! There are many simple and effective solutions you can use to improve it. Consider installing a French drain or a dry riverbed. Check out our article on how to add backyard drainage, the easy fix for more information on how to get started.

Use Social Media To Get Your Name Out There

Social media is a great way to get yourself out there. If your social media accounts are full of photos and posts about gardening, home improvements and DIY projects, you could be an ideal candidate for a backyard makeover show.

Hashtagging the show’s name will help get it in front of producers’ eyes (e.g., hashtag #backyardmakeover). 

Posting photos of your yard or garden is also a good idea you can even include some close-ups if the picture shows something interesting about the landscaping. 

You could also post photos of your family or pets, or other images that showcase who you are as an individual and maybe even what type of home improvement projects might appeal to them!

Network With Other Homeowners And Bloggers

The best way to get your name out there is to network with other homeowners and bloggers.

If you’re interested in applying for the show, it helps if you know someone who has already been on a season of HGTV’s Backyard Builders. 

They can help you navigate the process and even share their advice for what to do when you’re up against the clock (i.e., “don’t take off your shirt every time it gets hot!”).

Are you feeling overlooked in your own backyard? Adding some privacy screens can change that in no time! You can use planters, lattice, or even curtains for a more intimate and secluded outdoor space. Check out our guide on how to add privacy to your backyard, the easy way for tips and ideas.

Let Them Know You’re A Fun Family That Gets Along

Let them know you’re a fun family that gets along. Even if your kids are always fighting, or your spouse is a wet blanket, or you always try to make the house look like Martha Stewart’s but it ends up looking more like Catwoman’s lair—don’t say anything negative.

Don’t say you are perfect. If they ask about your family dynamic, don’t tell them everything about everyone in the family is just peachy and dandy because this isn’t realistic and will make an audience feel like they’re watching a commercial for happy pills.

Do share that your house is always clean and orderly—but also be honest about how it took three hours to get there when company comes over so viewers know not every day at home is Pinterest-worthy perfection!

Understand That With Reality Tv, The Crazier The Better!

You should also understand that with reality TV, the crazier and more outrageous your story is, the better. If you’re going to be on a show that involves making over someone’s backyard, it’s important to realize that the producers will want to hear about how crazy they are.

The crazier your family is, the better. The more outrageous your design ideas are, the better. The crazier this show is going to look when we watch it later tonight at home on our couches with our friends and family after work or school or even if we’re alone in bed late at night because there’s nothing else worth watching on TV anyway  well then that’s just perfect!

Good lighting is essential for a backyard that is both practical and beautiful. From string lights to floodlights, there are endless options to choose from. In our article on how to add backyard lighting, expert advice, we discuss different types of lighting and how to create a well-lit outdoor environment for your home.

Don’t Mention Shows You Don’t Like

Don’t mention shows you don’t like or want to be associated with.

If you’re a fan of a reality show, chances are your name will be familiar to the casting producers and executives at the network as well. 

In fact, they may even ask if you’ve watched any of their programs recently! Don’t mention shows that aren’t appropriate for your family for example, if there’s a particular show that has been criticized for its content and portrayal of people from different cultures or backgrounds, it’s wise not to bring this up in an application email.

Prepare A Short Video To Send In With Your Application

When you are applying to be on a show, you have to send in video. This can be as simple as a webcam video or even just pictures of your yard.

Make sure that the video includes a good shot of the yard, your family and yourself. Also include shots of your dog and cat if they are important members of your family.

During the hot summer months, having a shady spot in your backyard can provide relief from the heat and sun. Adding a shade structure, such as a pergola or an umbrella, can create a cool retreat that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Check out our article on how to add shade to your backyard, the easy fix for more information on how to create a comfortable and shaded outdoor space.

Be Enthusiastic About Making Changes

We’re looking for people who are excited about making changes. You want to be the kind of person who is excited about getting a makeover, and you want to be the kind of person who is excited about having a show about your backyard. 

We need people with high energy levels, so if you are low-key and uninterested in change, this is not the show for you.

Have Clear Ideas Of What Changes You Want To Make

You should have a clear idea of what changes you want to make before applying for a backyard makeover show. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious, but also don’t let your imagination run wild. 

If you don’t know what you want, it will be hard for the producers and judges to help guide your vision when they see that your backyard is in need of some TLC.

Once you’ve figured out what improvements are most important, think about why those changes are necessary. Is there something missing from the space? Do you have too much clutter? Are there plants or flowers that could use extra care? 

Write down answers to these questions and keep them handy on an index card or piece of paper so that when it comes time for your interview with the producers, everything will already be organized in front of them and so they can see just how passionate about making these changes is!

If you’re looking to create a more secluded backyard, a privacy fence can provide the needed barrier between you and your neighbors. See our guide on how to add privacy to your backyard, part 2 for tips and inspiration on how to choose the right fence design and materials to fit your needs.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to use bright and bold hues. With so many shades of paint available these days, you can really go wild with your backyard makeover show.

You may want to consider using a slightly different color in each area of your yard. For example, you might use a brighter orange for your patio furniture than for the chairs inside. 

This will help make things feel less jarring when transitioning from indoors to outdoors or vice versa (which is especially important if you’re planning on having guests over).

Another thing that’s important when it comes to color? Don’t be afraid of mixing different shades together! 

You’ll get plenty of variation within this concept by adding two or three different hues together at once—plus it’ll help keep things interesting!

Bold Colors in Your Backyard Makeover

Benefits of Bold ColorsTips for Using Bold Colors in Your Backyard
Adds vibrancy and personalityChoose a color scheme that complements your home’s exterior
Enhances visual interestUse colorful planters or outdoor furniture to add pops of color
Creates a fun and playful atmosphereMix and match patterns to add visual interest and depth
Makes a statementCreate focal points with brightly colored features, such as an accent wall
Boosts mood and energyChoose colors based on their psychological effects for an added mood boost

Have Realistic Expectations That Don’t Involve A Lot Of Money Or Special Materials.

If you’ve ever watched a home remodeling show on TV, then you know that the homeowners typically have to be ready to spend a pretty penny on their projects. 

But as we mentioned earlier, most of these people are professionals who have a lot of money lying around. That’s not true for everyone, though and that’s okay! 

If your budget is small, or if you’re just starting out with your DIY skills and don’t want to invest in professional-grade materials just yet (which would cost even more!), then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Many times the show will provide all of the materials needed for your project but if not, there are ways around it! Take our friend Tim from “Property Brothers” as an example: he got his hands dirty by doing some digging… literally! 

He and his partner Drew used their hands instead of shovels every step along the way because they didn’t have them available. And guess what? They still managed to finish making over their backyard despite this setback!

So while we understand there may be some apprehension about doing it without expert guidance at first… don’t worry: there are plenty of ways around having everything handed over right away (or ever).

Be Open To Suggestions And New Ideas

Whatever you do, be open to suggestions and new ideas. Don’t be afraid to change your mind if the designer introduces a new aspect that you like better than the original concept. And remember: if you don’t like something, it can always be changed!

Embrace Plants And Nature Wherever Possible In Your Yard Design!

In addition to all the fun and interesting design elements you can use in your yard, there’s also a ton of opportunity for plants. Plants are probably the most obvious way to incorporate nature into your yard design. They add color, interest, beauty and more!

If you want an easy way to get started with plantings that will look great in almost any backyard setting and help keep it healthy too think about using native plants when possible. 

Native plants thrive with less water and maintenance than exotic species do, so they’re ideal for anyone who wants something low-maintenance but still beautiful. 

In addition to looking great themselves, many native plants provide other benefits such as creating privacy screens or sound barriers as well as providing shade during hot summer days!

Embracing Plants and Nature in Your Yard Design

Benefits of Plants in Yard DesignTips for Incorporating Nature in Your Yard
Adds color and beautyUse native plants to support local ecosystems
Provides interest and textureCreate wildlife habitats with birdfeeders and birdbaths
Enhances air qualityAdd water features like fountains or ponds
Attracts wildlifeOpt for eco-friendly landscaping techniques
Promotes relaxation and stress reliefCreate a vegetable or herb garden for a sustainable touch

Apply To Several Different Shows At Once, And You May Land One!

Applying to multiple shows is a good idea if you want to get on TV. You might get cast for one show, but not another. If you get cast for one show, that’s better than getting cast for none!

If you do land a spot on the show, don’t stop there! Keep applying! This way if your first choice doesn’t pan out (and chances are it won’t), you’ll have other shows in the pipeline.


We hope this guide has been helpful! If you have any questions about applying for a backyard makeover, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you navigate the process. Good luck with your application!

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What is the HGTV backyard makeover?

The HGTV backyard makeover is a contest that offers homeowners the chance to win a backyard transformation done by the team of experts from the HGTV channel.

How can I apply for the HGTV backyard makeover?

To apply for the HGTV backyard makeover, you need to go to their website or a third party provider and follow the instructions on how to apply.

How does the selection process work for the HGTV backyard makeover?

The selection process for the HGTV backyard makeover varies, but typically involves a review of application submissions, followed by a series of interviews and home visits.

What can I expect from the HGTV backyard makeover?

The HGTV backyard makeover can vary in scope, but typically includes landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor features such as a fire pit or seating area.

Is the HGTV backyard makeover free?

Yes, if you are selected to win the HGTV backyard makeover, it is free of charge. However, keep in mind that you may have to pay taxes on the value of the makeover.