How Much Do Gardening Companies Make?

Gardening is a business. It’s not just about getting your hands dirty, it’s also about running a successful business. Gardening companies have profits and losses like any other business, but they also have unique factors to consider when calculating how much they make from year to year. 

If you’re thinking of starting or joining a gardening company, here’s what you should know about how much money your employees will make during different seasons:

How much does a UK gardener earn
Gardening can be a profitable and rewarding business.
The amount of money a gardening business owner makes varies on several factors, including location, skillset, and equipment.
Expanding your client base is essential for growing your gardening business.
It’s essential to know how much it costs before starting a gardening business.
Proper planning, organization, and training are the keys to running a successful gardening business.

Training costs

Training costs vary by type of business. For example, a lawn care company will likely require more training than a greenhouse or plant nursery, as the latter businesses typically have fewer employees and often specialize in one type of plant rather than many types.

It’s important to note that while some companies might only offer limited on-the-job training, many other firms will provide much more extensive training programs. 

This may include classroom instruction or online courses that go over how to do everything from maintaining lawns to cleaning out beds and plants.

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Itemized costs

You’ll also want to think about the cost of your materials, labor, equipment and transportation. And don’t forget marketing costs. Seasonality is another factor you should consider when setting your prices. 

Finally, competitive pressures are always a factor in the business world: if everyone undercuts each other on price and over-commits themselves with too many clients to handle efficiently, it can be tough for anyone involved in the industry to make money.

Itemized Costs Table

Gardening tools and equipment$1,000 – $2,500
Plant seeds and bulbs$200 – $500
Soil and compost$100 – $300
Fertilizers and pesticides$100 – $300
Business registration and permits$100 – $500
Insurance$500 – $1,000
Marketing and advertising$500 – $1,000
Rent or lease for business space$500 – $1,500
Labor (if hiring staff)$500 – $2,500

This table outlines the itemized costs associated with starting and running a gardening business. It gives a general idea of what expenses to expect before starting a gardening business, including gardening tools and equipment, plant seeds and bulbs, soil and compost, fertilizers and pesticides, business registration and permits, insurance, marketing and advertising, rent or lease for business space, and labor (if hiring staff).

Labor costs

The cost of labor is the most important factor when it comes to calculating how much a gardening company earns from each client. This cost can be reduced by hiring part-time workers or a team of workers, who can help you take on more clients than you could on your own.

The average hourly rate for gardeners is $15-$25 per hour, depending on their location and experience level. For example, someone with 20 years’ worth of experience may earn $50 per hour while someone with five years’ worth will likely earn around $20 per hour because they have yet to build up as much experience in their field (or simply don’t have enough experience).

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Equipment and tools

When you’re starting a garden company, equipment and tools are one of the biggest expenses. The more you buy, the more expensive it gets. The same goes for renting; if you rent equipment instead of buying it outright, your costs will be higher overall.

It’s important to note that quality also impacts cost: if you’re able to purchase high-quality tools or equipment that will last longer than cheaper versions (and therefore save money in the long run), then this is something else to consider when making decisions about your business.

You can purchase tools and equipment outright or lease them from a supplier like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Other options include borrowing them from friends and family members who already own them—that way there’ll be no upfront cost at all!

If you’re just starting out with your gardening business, finding clients can be a challenge. Check out our tips on how to get clients for your gardening business to learn some effective ways to get the ball rolling.

Costs from transportation

You should also consider the costs of transportation. If you transport your own plants, how many trips will it take to get all the materials? If you’re renting a truck or van from the landscaping company, how much will those rental fees cost?

And then there are fuel costs how much gas will be burned up on your initial trip and then each subsequent trip for maintenance. Maintenance includes oil changes, tire rotations, new filters and belt replacements (if necessary).

Finally: insurance. And license fees!

Transportation Costs Table

Vehicle purchase or lease$10,000 – $40,000
Vehicle maintenance and repairs$500 – $2,500
Fuel$100 – $500 per month
Insurance$1,000 – $2,000 per year
Registration and licensing fees$100 – $500 per year
Parking and tolls$50 – $150 per month

This table outlines the potential costs associated with transportation when running a gardening business. It includes items such as vehicle purchase or lease, vehicle maintenance and repairs, fuel, insurance, registration and licensing fees, and parking and tolls.

Gardening can be an affordable and rewarding hobby, but it’s important to know how much it costs upfront. Check out our guide on how much gardening costs to get an idea of the expenses involved before you start.

Marketing strategies

You can market your gardening service in a variety of ways, including:

  • Local newspaper advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Social media marketing (posting on Facebook and Twitter, etc.)
  • Word of mouth marketing (get people talking about your gardening business)
  • Billboards
  • Banner ads

Do not forget about yellow pages advertising, direct mail flyers and telemarketing campaigns. Online ads are also an effective way to attract new customers.

Seasonal factors

As you plan your new business, keep in mind seasonal factors that can affect the success of your business.

The best months to start a business:

January: If you’re going to start a gardening company, January is not the month to do it in. The weather is still too cold and rainy for most people to spend time outside working on their yards. Because of this, few homeowners will be willing to hire anyone at this time of year.

March: Starting out in March gives you some time before spring really kicks into gear (usually around mid-April). You’ll have more opportunities than just after winter when most people aren’t thinking about landscaping work yet!

When should I start my own landscaping company? You’ll want enough time on your hands so that you aren’t rushed into doing something without fully understanding it first (that’s how mistakes happen). 

Also make sure there isn’t any other major life event happening such as getting married or having kids because they take up so much time already!

If you have a gardening business and want to grow it, expanding your client base is essential. Check out our guide on pro tips for expanding your gardening business to learn some effective strategies for finding and retaining new clients.


You also have to consider the competition in your area. The more competition you’re up against, the harder it is for a business to succeed and make money. Specifically, if there are already a lot of companies offering similar services in your area—and catering to many of the same customers—then it’s going to be difficult for anyone new to break into this market.

This is true even if you offer lower prices or better services than these other businesses do. Customers might not want to switch from their current gardener or landscaper just because yours charges less or has more experience; they’re happy with what they’ve got!

So if there’s already a lot of competition where you live (and most places have some), then it might be tough for your own gardening service business


The location of your business is a key factor in how much you can charge. When deciding where to start your company, consider the cost of living, local competition and economy, prevailing laws and regulations, and local weather.


The good news is that you can still make money, even with all of these costs. You just need to be aware of which expenses are going to affect your bottom line and plan accordingly.

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What is gardening exactly?

Gardening is the practice of cultivating and maintaining plants, flowers, and small-scale food crops in a controlled environment.

Is gardening profitable?

Gardening can be profitable, but success depends largely on various factors, including location, targeted customer base, and operating costs.

What skills are required for gardening?

Gardening skills required may include plant identification, knowledge of planting methods, soil composition, water management, pruning, and pest control.

How much does starting a gardening business cost?

The cost of starting a gardening business varies depending on the scale of the operation and the equipment needed. It can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Can I run a gardening business from home?

Yes, it is possible to run a gardening business from home and include services like plant sales, garden designs, and consultations to provide ongoing advice to clients.