How Do I Get Clients For My Gardening Business?

If you’re starting a gardening business, you need to find clients. The good news is that there are many ways to do this, but it all depends on what type of service you provide, who your ideal clients are and how much time you have to devote to marketing. Here are some ideas for getting started with your marketing plan:

How To Get More Customers in Your Lawn Care

Here’s a single column takeaway table based on the title:

Effective ways to get clients for your gardening business
Importance of building a strong online presence
Tips for marketing your gardening services
Strategies for expanding your gardening business
Ways to differentiate your gardening business from competitors
Retention tactics for keeping clients loyal
Common marketing mistakes to avoid
Additional resources for getting more clients

Cold Calling

This is the most common way to get clients, but it’s also one of the most difficult. The key to cold calling is being able to identify people who are likely to buy your services if you can simply get them on the phone.

The first thing that you need is a list of potential customers. This can be obtained by asking other landscapers for their lists, or by calling up local property management companies and asking if they have any available names and addresses on file (many do). Once you have this list, start making calls! 

Make sure that whoever picks up is someone who might need your services—it’s fine if they don’t hire you immediately; just try again another time with a different contact from your database or from another source altogether.

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Email marketing is a great way to reach a large group of people in one go. That’s why email lists are so powerful you can send out a newsletter, an email about your latest blog post, or even individual messages to potential clients.

You can use email to ask for feedback from your current customers and other people who are interested in what you have to offer (like potential clients). 

You should also use it as an opportunity to let people know about anything new that’s happening with your business (for example: new products or services).

Benefits of Email Marketing

Here are some benefits of using email marketing to reach potential clients:

Ability to reach a large group of people at once
Cost-effective way to promote your business
Flexibility to customize emails based on audience
Opportunity to drive traffic to website or blog
Personalized messages to potential clients
Measurable results through analytics
Easy to track and monitor performance
Builds trust and credibility with subscribers
Keeps your business top of mind for subscribers
Can lead to increased revenue and new clients

Old Fashioned Mail

The old-fashioned way to get clients for your gardening business is to spend time and money on direct mail marketing. If you’re starting from scratch, this can be expensive and time consuming. You will need to find lists of people who fit your target audience (e.g., families with young children), buy the list, then sort it by area so you know which neighborhoods to mail in. Then you’ll need envelopes and stamps, which add up quickly!

The most effective way I’ve found is sending out postcards with information about my services on them ($5/1000). You could also send letters or flyers in the mail as well if they have more space than a postcard would allow. 

The key here is that if someone receives something in their mailbox from an unfamiliar company or individual they might throw it away without reading it first — especially if they don’t recognize the name or address — so make sure everything looks professional before mailing it out!

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Advertising is one of the best ways to get new clients. It’s also an expensive option, but it can be very effective. If you’re new to advertising, it’s important to know that it takes time and energy, but can also be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want your business to grow fast, advertising is definitely something worth exploring!

Pros and Cons of Advertising

Here are some pros and cons of using advertising to get new clients:

Provides immediate exposure for your businessCan be expensive, especially for small businesses
Helps generate leads and new clientsTakes time and effort to see results
Enables you to target specific demographicsCan lead to over-spending if not managed well
Builds brand awareness and recognitionRequires knowledge of online advertising platforms
Offers flexibility and control over messagingCan be difficult to measure ROI and success
Facilitates consumer research through analyticsRequires ongoing monitoring and optimization
Offers creative opportunities to showcase your businessMay not be as effective as other marketing strategies
Can be scalable and adaptable to different budgetsCan be negatively impacted by ad blockers or low engagement
Provides data-driven insights for future campaignsCan be challenging to stand out in a crowded advertiser space

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to get clients. You can use social media to market your business and build relationships with potential customers. Social media can be a valuable tool for finding clients and keeping them engaged in your business.

If you’re brand new at social media marketing, here are some ways that you can use it right now:

  • Create an account on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram
  • Post pictures of the flowers that you grow as well as other gardening tips or advice
  • Tag other gardeners from your area who are doing similar work so they know about your business

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Q&A Forums

If you’re in need of more clients, there are several ways to get them. One way is by using forums.

You can ask questions on the forums about gardening and potential problems for your clients. Answer as many questions as possible and make sure to include links to your site, social media accounts (such as Facebook or Instagram), blog, newsletter etc.

Forums and Groups

Once you’ve found a forum or group, there are several things to keep in mind.

Join the community and get active. Participate in discussions, answer questions, share your own knowledge and experience, and get to know people. You’ll make lasting relationships that can lead to more business down the line—and finding clients is always easier when someone is already familiar with your work!

Be sure of what you need before posting a question on a forum or group board; this way other members will know what kind of help they can provide you with. Don’t spam the boards with unrelated spammy posts; this reflects poorly on both yourself as an individual and on any business associated with yours (including any personal accounts).

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Directories, Blogs and Websites

If you have a website that focuses on gardening, then it’s good to look for local directories and blogs in your area. These can be great places to get clients because they are popular with gardeners and other people who have gardens. 

You should also look at the websites of public parks, community centers or schools that need workers for their gardens. If there is a school nearby where you want to find clients then make sure their website allows you to submit information about yourself and your business so that people can contact you when they need gardening services. 

If the website has a good reputation in your area then it will be easier for clients to trust what is being said about them on it because they know other people will be able to see this information too when searching online for someone like yourself who provides these types of services.”

Videos and Podcasts

Post your video or podcast on social media. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms you use. If you have a website for your gardening business then add links to the video there too.

Post your video or podcast on YouTube and other video sites. You should also look for gardening niche sites that allow you to add videos like Gardening Community Network or Gardening Daily Videos (the latter has over 7 million subscribers).

Post your video on gardening forums such as Garden Web Forum where there could be someone who wants to hire you right away!

Post your videos on gardening blogs like Better Homes & Gardens which will likely get picked up by other blogs since they are reputable sources of information in this industry already. 

This is good because it gives more exposure outside of just one network audience which means more potential customers which leads us into our next tip…

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Using Your Landscaping Clients to Get More Clients

Offer a referral discount. This is a great way to get more clients, because your existing customers will be happy when you give them an incentive to refer you. Asking for referrals and discounts gets easier as you grow (and once you have enough money in the kitty to make it worth your while).

When someone signs up with your company, they’re going to need some maintenance as well. Offer them free maintenance during their first few months or first year with you, and then charge them after that point. This way there’s nothing stopping them from being happy with what they’ve got!

Work With Home Improvement Professionals

Find home improvement professionals. You can find these by searching for the keyword “home improvement” on Google, reading online reviews, and asking friends who have done similar projects.

Get them to refer you to their clients. To do this, offer a free consultation so that you can make sure that you’re a good fit for each other before working together—and make sure that they know about it!

Get them to recommend you to their clients. If someone has already recommended them as a big name in their industry (even if it wasn’t true), most people will take that recommendation at face value without asking any questions about whether or not they can trust this person with their home project; therefore, make sure they know how much of an impact their recommendations could make on your business!


It’s not easy to get clients for your gardening business, but it is possible. You just need to know where to look, and how to reach the people you want. 

In this article, we’ve covered all of the most important strategies for finding new clients from cold calling and advertising to social media marketing and working with home improvement professionals and even showed you some helpful tips for getting started online. 

The most important thing though? Don’t give up! Keep trying different approaches until one works for you (or until enough time has passed that nothing seems worth trying anymore). If all else fails there’s always word of mouth from satisfied customers who will tell their friends about your great work ethic

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Here are some commonly asked questions about getting clients and customers for a gardening business:

How do I attract more clients for my gardening business?

To attract more clients for your gardening business, you can focus on building a strong online presence through relevant channels, such as social media and Google My Business. You can also explore partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and offer incentives for referrals.

What are some effective ways to market my gardening services?

Some effective ways to market your gardening services include creating social media content, offering discounts and promotions, running Google Ads campaigns, optimizing your website for search engines, and building referrals.

How can I differentiate my gardening business from competitors?

You can differentiate your gardening business from competitors by focusing on your unique value proposition, such as your level of expertise, quality of service, and personalized approach. You can also consider niche services or packages to meet the specific needs of your target market.

How can I retain more clients for my gardening business?

To retain more clients for your gardening business, you can provide exceptional customer service and follow up after services are provided. You can also offer loyalty discounts, referral bonuses, and other incentives that encourage clients to remain loyal and recommend your services to others.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when marketing a gardening business?

Some common mistakes to avoid when marketing a gardening business include failing to define your target market, using generic messaging, neglecting social proof, and expecting quick results from marketing efforts. It’s important to have a solid strategy and set realistic expectations for your marketing initiatives.