Transform Your Garden Into A Winter Wonderland 

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in the world, with its crisp air and snow-covered landscapes. But it can be tough to feel excited about snow and cold when you’re stuck inside all winter long. 

Fortunately, there are ways to bring some of that beauty into your home without having to venture outside: by decorating your garden for Christmas! 

Here are some ideas for how you can transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland with just a few simple decorations.

Creating An Outdoor Holiday Winter Wonderland
Tips for creating a winter garden
Winter-tolerant plants for a festive outdoor space
How to grow your own Christmas tree
Ideas for decorating your outdoor space for the holidays
Unique Christmas gift ideas for the gardener in your life

Christmas Tree

Choose a tree that is fresh, and has good needles.

Make sure there are no bugs on the tree or in its branches, and be sure to shake off any loose pine needles before bringing it inside your home.

If you have pets who like to chew on things, then make sure their claws won’t scratch the branches of your Christmas tree by placing some electrical tape over them as an extra precautionary measure!

When choosing where to put your Christmas tree inside your home, think about how much light it will get from windows nearby (if any), as well as how big it’ll look once decorated!

When creating a Christmas garden, consider using outdoor lights to add a festive touch. Our ultimate guide to creating a Christmas garden provides tips on how to decorate your garden with lights and other holiday decor.


If you don’t have the time or energy to make your own snowman, try using a kit. There are plenty to choose from and they can be purchased for as little as $4. Once you’ve assembled your kit, simply place it in your garden and add features like eyes, buttons, and scarves to make it look more realistic.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and want to take on the challenge of making a real snowman from scratch (or if you just want an excuse to get outside), follow these steps:

Create an upside-down cone shape with newspaper by rolling it into a ball then removing the paper at the bottom; this will be his hat

Put some snow inside (if there isn’t enough already) then place him on top of two sticks joined together at one end; this will form his body

Add arms made out of twigs or branches so he can hold onto that carrot nose

Snowmen – Fun Ways to Get Creative in the Snow

Snowman FamilyBuild a family of snowmen with varying sizes and accessories.
Snowman IglooUse smaller snowballs to create a cozy igloo to hide inside.
Animal SnowmenGet creative and make snowmen in the shape of animals, like a penguin or polar bear.
Snowman TrailCreate a fun snowman trail by building snowmen in different locations throughout your yard or park.
Snowman SculpturesUse your imagination and create unique snowman sculptures like a snowman riding a bike or playing an instrument.

Note: This table includes ideas for creating snowmen in fun and creative ways. Each row includes an idea for a different type of snowman, along with a brief description of how to create it.

Light Up The Sky

  • String of lights:
  • Hanging lights are a great way to add light and festivity to your garden during the darkest months of winter.
  • A string of traditional Christmas lights will suffice if you want something simple, but why not go for something more imaginative? Try stringing up fairy lights or globe lights instead!
  • Fairy light:
  • These tiny bulbs are perfect for decorating trees or shrubs that aren’t too big (you don’t want them falling off). They also come in all sorts of colors, so you can pick whichever one fits your theme best!

Decorating your outdoor space can be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Check out our list of 10 tips for Christmas gardening to get ideas for creating a festive garden.

String Lights

String lights are an easy way to add a little Christmas cheer to your garden. Not only do they look great, but they also add a festive atmosphere which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are many different types of string lights available for purchase today. You can choose from traditional multi-colored bulbs or opt for more modern white and colored options that are perfect for parties and special occasions. 

If you want something even more unique, consider adding some LED lights that change color throughout the evening or even flashing bulbs!

When it comes time to decorate your home, there are lots of different ways that you can incorporate stringed lighting into your decorations:

  • Wrap trees with strands of twinkling lights
  • Hang garlands draped around windowsills, doorways and mantels
  • Use them on holiday wreaths

Creative Ideas for Decorating with String Lights

Bed CanopyUse string lights to create a cozy and elegant bed canopy for your bedroom.
Backyard OasisCreate a magical outdoor space by hanging string lights along fences, trees, or a pergola.
Mason Jar LightsTransform traditional Mason jars into unique and rustic lights by filling them with string lights.
Photo WallUse string lights to hang photos on a wall for a creative and personalized display.
Lighted GarlandCreate a lighted garland by wrapping string lights around a fake or real greenery garland for a festive touch.

Note: This table includes creative ideas for decorating with string lights, from creating a cozy bed canopy to transforming Mason jars into unique lights. Each row includes an idea for a different way to use string lights, along with a brief description of how to create it.

Miniature Christmas Tree

  • Cut the top off of a large jar and place it on your table.
  • Fill the jar with water and add glitter, small ornaments, pine cones and anything else you think looks cute!
  • Put some tinsel around the rim of the jar to make it look like snow is falling down on your tree.
  • Hang your lights on top of any surface so they shine through when they’re turned on!

Winter-tolerant plants can add a touch of color to your outdoor space during the holiday season. Learn about 13 plants that are perfect for a festive outdoor space in our list of must-have plants for a festive outdoor space.

Sleigh In The Garden

This is an awesome way to get into the holiday spirit. Make a sleigh in your garden using a hobby horse as the sleigh and a tablecloth as its cover. Add Christmas lights and fake snow to really complete this look.

Winter Wonderland Globe

This is a fun and easy DIY project that can be done in one afternoon. All you need is a small globe and some snowflakes and snowmen to decorate it with. 

You could also use lights, but this won’t be too heavy on the electricity bill. You can put your globe anywhere you want in your home or garden, but if you want to add some extra beauty to our winter wonderland, then placing the decorated globe in the center of your living room or dining table will do just fine!

Growing your own Christmas tree can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you’re interested in learning how to grow a Christmas tree in your backyard, check out our step-by-step guide for everything you need to know.

Winter Fairy Garden

How to create a fairy garden:

Choose a container (or several) that will fit your space and needs. If you’re making a small one, you can use an old teacup or saucer. If you’d like something larger, try a small flower pot or even an old flowerpot where the plant will be able to grow in its own soil.

Decide what plants best suit the size of your container and how much sunlight it gets during the day. You can go with traditional mosses, ferns and thymes for a more natural look—or go crazy with some succulents or cacti!

Add any decorations that speak to you; this could include tiny figurines made out of moss or cement (like fairies), dried flowers from around your yard (think dandelions), stones collected from outside (maybe even some shiny ones!), twigs from trees nearby…the possibilities are endless!

Cabin In The Woods Scene

  • Add a cabin, a snowman and a tree. You can use artificial snow or real trees, but if you’re looking for extra authenticity, add a fake tree topper.
  • Use lights on your cabin and around the base of your tree. You can also add ornaments either real ones or plastic ones to make it all look finished off nicely!

 If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gardener in your life, check out our list of 10 beautiful and unique Christmas gifts for the gardener. From handy gardening tools to stylish decor, we’ve got you covered.


Wow! We hope you’re as inspired as we are by these ideas for your garden. Get started on your winter wonderland now and don’t forget to share a picture with us on social media so we can see how it turned out!

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Q: What is a winter wonderland garden?

A: A winter wonderland garden is an outdoor space that has been decorated to evoke feelings of the winter season. This may include snow-inspired lighting or garden ornaments that create a festive atmosphere.

Q: How do I decorate my garden for winter?

A: There are a variety of ways to decorate your garden for winter, such as using outdoor lighting, planting winter-tolerant plants, and adding festive decor like holiday wreaths and ornaments.

Q: What are some plants that are perfect for a winter garden?

A: Winter-tolerant plants include holly, ivy, and winter jasmine. There are also several varieties of winter-blooming flowers, such as snowdrops, that can add a pop of color to your garden in the winter months.

Q: How do I keep my plants alive during the winter?

A: To keep your plants alive during the winter, it’s important to properly care for them by watering them regularly and providing proper insulation. You may also need to cover sensitive plants with frost blankets or burlap.

Q: What are some tips for creating a cozy winter garden?

A: Creating a cozy winter garden may involve adding elements like outdoor blankets, a fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace. You could also try adding outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs or a porch swing to create a comfortable outdoor living space.