How To Anchor Yard Decor (Easy Way)

Whether you want to decorate your yard for the holidays or just make it look more stylish, I’m sure you’ve thought about how to anchor down your decorations. T

here are a lot of things on my list: Christmas lights, holiday wreaths, decorative flags and wind chimes. 

It can be difficult getting everything balanced just right in order for the items not to fall over when there’s even the slightest breeze. 

Luckily, I have found that there are many different ways to do this depending on what type of yard decor you’re using (and if it’s heavy enough).

Dollar Tree Anchor Decor Easy Diy Beach Decor
Anchoring outdoor decor is important to prevent damage from wind, rain, and other weather conditions.
Different types of outdoor decor require different anchoring methods.
Proper anchoring materials include stakes, anchors, chains, and sandbags.
Anchoring outdoor Christmas decor requires special attention due to the winter weather.
Various online resources provide information on how to properly anchor outdoor decor.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are a great anchor for yard decor. They’re heavy, so they don’t move around. They’re cheap and easy to find, and they come in a variety of colors!

To use them as anchors:

  • Make sure your concrete blocks are clean and dry before you begin.
  • Place your decorations on top of the concrete block(s).
  • Fill in the gaps between the decorations with dirt or sand (depending on which material you have available).

If your backyard tends to accumulate water after it rains, it might be time to install a drainage system. Proper backyard drainage not only prevents flooding, but it also helps keep your yard healthy and green. To learn about different types of backyard drainage systems and how to install them, check out our guide on adding backyard drainage.

Concrete Blocks with Bricks

For extra stability, you can add a few bricks to the top of the concrete block. Just make sure that they’re straight and level. 

If you want to give your yard decor an even more permanent look, mix up some concrete (using a mixture of sand and gravel) in equal parts with water and apply it around the concrete blocks using a paint roller or cardboard tube.

Staked into the ground

Stakes are the simplest way to anchor yard decor. They’re made from metal, wood, or plastic, and come in a variety of shapes (from stakes with one flat side to longer rods). 

They’re typically used to hold up tents or other large structures; however, they can also be used for smaller items like flower pots.

Stakes are driven into the ground with a hammer until they reach their full depth (usually about 10 inches). Once in place, they’ll prevent your yard decor from blowing away in storms or getting knocked over by strong winds

If you want to enjoy your backyard without feeling exposed to your neighbors, adding privacy features can be a great solution. From planting hedges to installing fences, there are plenty of ways to make your backyard a private sanctuary. For more ideas and tips on how to add privacy to your backyard, take a look at our guide on backyard privacy.

Fence Posts

There are a couple of different types of fencing that can be used to anchor items into the ground. The most popular options are metal and wood posts, but you can also use PVC pipe and concrete as well.

How do you know which type of post is right for your yard decor? It depends on how much weight it needs to hold up, what kind of materials you want to attach to it (not all materials will work with every type), and whether or not you want something that blends into the landscape or stands out. 

For example: A metal fence post would be great for anchoring heavy items like bird feeders but won’t look great when painted white or stained oak because it will contrast too much with the natural colors surrounding your yard decor theme. 

On the other hand, if all you want is something simple yet sturdy without any extra color added then a wooden fence post may be perfect for your project needs!

Landscape Fabric Staples

If you’re using landscape fabric to secure your yard decor, you’ll need to staple it down. Staples are a great option for securing fabric in windy conditions and on sloped surfaces, but not so great for securing fabric on uneven surfaces. To use staples:

Place an anchor in the ground with the prongs facing upwards. This will keep the stake from sticking too far into the ground by preventing it from going too deep into soft dirt or sand (which could cause damage).

Run around your entire yard or garden and place a staple at every corner of your landscape fabric so that no part of your lawn is visible through any holes between pieces of material acted as grommets for stapling purposes–this will make sure that no areas are exposed where pests can come inside!

A backyard playset can provide endless hours of entertainment for kids, but it’s important to ensure that it’s anchored properly for safety reasons. Whether you’re installing a new playset or checking the safety of an existing one, our guide on anchoring a backyard playset can help you understand the importance of anchoring and how to do it correctly.


It’s time to get down to business! Before you start, you want to make sure that your yard is level and flat. 

The easiest way to do this is by using a string line and a level. First, set the string line on the ground along with two stakes at each end of where your pavers will be placed; then drive in those stakes as far as possible into the ground so they won’t move when you apply pressure from underneath them. 

Next, use your leveler tool to make sure that both stakes are perfectly parallel with one another (if they aren’t, adjust them until they are), then take note of where their tops meet along said line–that mark will indicate exactly how deep your hole needs to be dug before putting down any pavers!

Flower Pots Buried in the Ground

Burying a flower pot is an easy way to anchor your decor. It’s also a great option if you don’t have a lot of space, because it doesn’t require any installation.

To bury flower pots:

Dig a hole in the ground that’s as wide and deep as your flower pot. Make sure the hole is about twice as deep as your pot is tall.

Place the pot in the hole, then fill in around it with dirt until it’s flush with the surface of the ground, and then smooth over with water so that no bumps or dips are visible from above.

Spending time in your backyard can be enjoyable, but it can also become unbearable if there’s no shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Luckily, there are various ways to add shade to your backyard, including installing a pergola, awning, or shade sail. To learn more about these options and how to install them, check out our guide on adding shade to your backyard.

Hanging Baskets Buried in the Ground

You can also bury your hanging basket. If you’re starting with a planter that has holes on the bottom, simply line those up with the ground and fill it in with dirt. 

If you don’t have holes, dig a hole in the ground that is deep enough for your planter to sit inside of without any part of it sticking out. 

Now, place your planter into its new home and pack more dirt around it until it is completely covered. 

Either way, using some twine will help secure your plant to its new location so that not only do you have something beautiful to look at, but it will stay there!

Trellis’ Stakes

Trellis stakes are a great way to anchor your trellis. You can purchase them or make them at home. They can be made of wood or metal, depending on what kind of look you want to achieve.

You will need to decide how tall you want your trellis, as this will determine how far apart the stakes need to be placed from each other. 

The further apart the stakes are from each other, the wider netting will hang between them and vice versa if they get closer together.

If you’re proud of your outdoor art collection, you want to ensure that your pieces stay put and don’t fall victim to the weather. Anchoring your yard art can provide the necessary stability to keep your sculptures, fountains, and other outdoor decorations secure. Our guide on anchoring yard art can provide you with various tips and techniques to secure your outdoor art with ease.

Tiered Plant Stand Weights

Tiered plant stands are a great way to add height and visual interest to your yard, but you’ll need a way to anchor them in place. 

Tiered plant stand weights are the ideal solution for this problem. They’re heavy enough that they won’t blow over in high winds, but still light enough that you can easily move them if necessary.

Tiered plant stand weights come in different materials, so it’s important to choose one based on what works best for your yard decorating needs and preferences:

Concrete tiered plant stand weights may be more affordable than metal or plastic options, but they’re not as durable or easy-to-move around when needed. 

However, concrete is attractive because of its natural color variations which give each weight its own unique character.

Metal tiered plant stand weights tend to be more expensive than other materials available on the market today; however they’re also extremely durable and easy-to-clean so that they’ll last longer than their plastic counterparts (which tend not last very long at all). 

The biggest downside about using metal is having sharp edges around them which could hurt anyone who decides upon using those instead

However there are many ways around this by grinding down any areas where someone might accidentally cut themselves while gardening or even painting over entire surfaces so nobody has any chance getting hurt while working outdoors!

Drainage Grate Anchor

If you’re attaching a heavy object to concrete, like a statue or birdbath, and it has no way of being secure on its own (like if it’s just sitting there), then you can use the drainage grate as an anchor. 

This is especially helpful for big objects that might be hard for your guests to move around once they get them out in the yard. You can find these at most hardware stores or home improvement centers and they’re relatively inexpensive so buy one if needed!

Once you have your grate, pry off the top portion with a screwdriver (or hammer if stuck) to expose those awesome little spikes underneath that are meant to be used as anchors but never were until now! 

Next up is driving in two stakes into either side of the dumpster so that they are sitting vertically against each other like railroad tracks with their ends pointing straight down into what will become our little drainage hole.

Drainage Grate Anchor

Provides a strong anchor for heavy objects like statues and birdbaths.Requires access to a concrete-based drainage grate or manhole cover.
Easy to install and remove.Not suitable for lightweight or smaller items as it could damage the concrete.
Can be used to anchor multiple objects at once with proper equipment.Can be challenging to find the right size of drainage grate or manhole cover for larger objects.


Sandbags are an anchor you can use to weigh down items such as heavy planters and garden art. Sandbags hold a lot of weight and are easy to fill, but they do have some drawbacks.

Sandbags are not biodegradable and will last for years in your yard if you don’t remove them. If you have kids or pets running around, this might be a problem because they could get stuck on the sandbags and hurt themselves if they fall over onto them. 

Even if you don’t have kids or pets, having an eye sore like this in your backyard can be an eyesore for friends who come over for barbecues or parties! 

If it’s just one piece of yard decor that needs anchoring down with a sandbag, consider adding stakes instead those won’t cause any harm after they’ve been removed from the ground.

Folding Chair Weights

A weight can be attached to a folding chair with a bolt and nut, but you will need to use a washer between the wood and the bolt to prevent it from cutting into the wood. 

You can get pretty creative with this step and add some flair by using decorative nuts or bolts.

Large Rocks or Old Tires

Large rocks or old tires can be used to anchor yard decor. You’ll want to dig a hole slightly larger than the rock or tire and place it in the center of your yard decor. 

Place dirt around the edges of the rock/tire so that it is flush with the ground or just above it. Use wire ties or string to secure large rocks together if needed and make sure they aren’t loose enough that they could be knocked over by small children, pets, etc.

Golf Tees and Christmas Lights Stakes

A golf tee is a great way to anchor Christmas lights. The Christmas lights will be secured in the ground, and the wind won’t blow them away or cause them to fall over. 

It also makes it easier to put up and take down your decorations every year because you don’t have to rely on stakes that come with your Christmas lights

If you are using more than one light strand, it’s best to separate each of those strands onto two different golf tees so that there is enough distance between them for maximum brightness.

Golf Tees and Christmas Lights Stakes

Anchoring ToolProsCons
Golf TeeEasy to use and readily available. They have a small head that holds cords and wires effectively.Not suitable for larger and heavier outdoor decorations. May not withstand harsh weather conditions.
Christmas Light StakeMade specifically for anchoring Christmas lights. Durable and can hold a considerable number of light strings.May not work for other outdoor decorations or in rocky soil. Can be expensive compared to other anchoring options.
Tent StakeStrong and durable anchoring option, suitable for larger and heavier items like inflatables or statues.May not work well for lighter items or in soft or sandy soil. Can be challenging to push into the ground.
Metal Ground Stakes and Anchor KitsStrongest and most reliable option. Can hold items of any size and withstand harsh weather conditions.More expensive than other anchoring options. Can be challenging to install without special tools or equipment.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to anchor your yard decor. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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How to properly anchor outdoor decor?

To properly anchor outdoor decor, you can use various techniques such as staking, weighting, or bolting it down. It’s crucial to choose the right anchor method that suits the decoration’s size, weight, and material.

What are the best materials to use for anchoring outdoor decor?

The best materials to use for anchoring outdoor decor depend on the type of ornament you want to anchor. For instance, you can use metal stakes for lightweight decors and concrete anchors for larger, heavier items.

Can sandbags be used to anchor outdoor decor?

Yes, sandbags are great for anchoring outdoor decor, especially for temporary displays. They are easy to use and remove, and you can adjust the weight as needed.

How do I secure my outdoor decor during strong winds?

To secure your outdoor decor during strong winds, you can use heavy objects such as bricks or sandbags to weigh it down or anchor it into the ground using metal stakes or post hole diggers.

Is it necessary to anchor all types of outdoor decor?

It’s not necessary to anchor all types of outdoor decor, but it’s recommended for larger and heavier items to prevent them from falling or getting damaged due to wind, rain, or other weather conditions.