How To Adjust Lawn Mower Cutting Height (Expert Advice)

Whether you’re mowing your lawn with a push mower or riding a mower, the cutting height is one of the most important parts of getting a good-looking yard. But what is cutting height and how much do you need to adjust it?

 In this article, we will answer these questions and show you how easy it is to adjust your local mower’s cutting height!

How to adjust the lawnmower’s cutting height
Properly adjusting lawn mower cutting height ensures a healthy and attractive lawn.
Different types of grass require different cutting heights to thrive.
Adjusting lawn mower blades and deck height can help achieve an even cut.
Adding topsoil, turf or grass seed to an existing lawn can improve overall health and appearance.
Regular lawn mower maintenance, including blade sharpening, is crucial for optimal performance.

Change The Mower Deck Position

Adjusting the mower deck position is a good way to accommodate different types of grass, as well as change how tall or short you want your lawn to be.

If you’re going from a thick, dense lawn to something with thinner blades, raise the deck. This will allow for more even cutting and keep the blades from getting clogged up with leaves or other debris.

If you’re going from a thinned-out yard to one with overgrown turf, lower the deck so that it can cut through thicker blades without getting stuck or bog down by thick grasses like bermudagrass or weeds like dandelions.

Make Sure The Mower Is on Level

To make sure the mower gives a uniform cut, it’s important to make sure the deck is level. Adjusting your mower’s cutting height can only be done when your mower is on a flat surface and at its highest point of travel. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow these simple steps:

Place a spirit level across the top of each front wheel to ensure that they are both in line with one another. The bubble should be centered within the middle section of the spirit level (see image).

Next, place a second spirit level on top of each rear axle. Once again, check that both sides are even by ensuring that the bubbles remain centered within the respective halves of their respective levels. Make any necessary adjustments until everything matches up perfectly!

 To achieve an even and clean cut with your lawn mower, make sure to adjust the blades properly. Our comprehensive guide on how to adjust lawn mower blades provides step-by-step instructions and expert tips to help maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Adjust The Cutting Height On Your Riding Mower

Mowing is a task that many homeowners need to do regularly. If you have a riding mower, there are some things you can do to ensure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful. One of these is adjusting the cutting height on your mower.

Lawn Mower Cutting Height Adjustments

Lawn Mower TypeCutting Height Adjustment
Riding MowerAdjust the cutting height using a lever or pedal located near the operator’s seat.
Walk-Behind MowerAdjust the cutting height by adjusting the wheels or using a lever on the deck.
Push MowerAdjust the cutting height by adjusting the wheels or using a lever on the deck.
Robotic MowerAdjust the cutting height using an app or remote control.

This table provides guidance on how to adjust cutting height for different types of lawn mowers. For a riding mower, the cutting height can typically be adjusted using a lever or pedal located near the operator’s seat, while walk-behind and push mowers typically have adjustment options on the deck or wheels. With robotic mowers, the cutting height can often be adjusted from an app or remote control.

Raise And Lower Your Push Mower’s Deck Using The Lever

The next step is to adjust the height of your mower’s deck. This will vary based on your needs and preferences: higher settings are for taller grass, lower settings for shorter grass.

To raise or lower the deck, locate the lever at the front left of your push mower. Lift it up to raise the deck and vice versa if you want to lower it. 

Make sure you don’t force this lever; it should only be moved when pushed forward or pulled back with moderate pressure. 

If using an electric corded mower, first disconnect its power source before adjusting this lever so that you don’t accidentally cut through a live wire!

An improperly leveled deck on a lawn mower can leave your lawn uneven or scalp the grass. Learn how to level your lawn mower deck with our expert advice on how to adjust lawn mower deck to ensure a healthy and uniformly cut lawn.

Tip And Remove The Mower Deck On A Zero Turn

Like other lawn mowers, the zero turn is designed to make cutting grass easier. Before cutting grass on your zero turn, you will need to adjust the cutting height of your blades. This can be done by adjusting two bolts that secure the mower deck onto its axle.

To do this, you will remove the mower deck from your zero turn using a few simple steps:

  • Lift up on the handlebar and push down on one foot pedal; this will tip over your zero turn so that it is resting on its side (if yours doesn’t have wheels attached)
  • Remove any bolts holding down bolts to prevent them from falling off when you lift up on them later
  • Once all bolts have been removed, lift up on each leg of your mower deck until they are completely detached from their respective mounting points

Zero Turn Mower Deck Removal

Socket wrenchUsed to remove the bolts holding the mower deck in place.
Jack or liftUsed to raise the mower and provide clearance for removing the deck.
Wooden blocksUsed to stabilize the mower and prevent it from rolling or shifting.

This table provides suggested tools and purpose for removing the mower deck on a zero turn mower. A socket wrench is typically needed to remove bolts holding the mower deck in place. A jack or lift is necessary to raise the mower and provide clearance for removing the deck safely. Additionally, wooden blocks can be used to stabilize the mower and prevent it from rolling or shifting during the removal process.

Tilt The Lawn Mower On It’s Side

First, you will need to raise your lawn mower on its side. If you have a rear wheel drive mower, this is easy – simply push down on the handle and slide it up onto the side of something sturdy (like a cement block). 

If however, your lawn mower has front wheel drive or if it is equipped with plastic wheels instead of metal ones, you may have to get creative! 

I recommend using some kind of wooden block as leverage so that the front or rear wheels do not sink into soft ground.

Once this is done and your machine is stable – which should take all of about 10 seconds  turn to look at the side panel near where you would normally sit at start-up. 

You should see an adjustment knob for cutting height control somewhere near there as well (this varies by manufacturer). 

Adjust it as needed based on how high or low you want your grass blade heights set; usually just turning this one knob will be enough but not always!

Adding topsoil to an existing lawn can improve drainage and level out low spots. Read our guide on how to add topsoil to an existing lawn to find out the best ways to apply topsoil and keep your lawn healthy.

Loosen The Cutting Height Handles And Raise Or Lower Them

To adjust the cutting height of your lawn mower, you will first need to find the cutting height handles. They are usually located near the front of the mower and should be easy to spot. 

Once you’ve located them, simply loosen them by turning a knob or lever on each handle until they are loose enough for you to move them up or down accordingly. 

Then, raise or lower both cutting height handles as needed so that only about 3/4″ (1cm) of blade is showing above the motor housing (or “deck”). Tighten both cutting height handles back up once you have reached your desired setting!

Use A Ladder To Lift The Wheels If Needed For Those Taller Grasses

If you want to cut your grass at a height that’s higher than what you would normally reach, use a ladder. If your grass is tall and thick enough, it might be best to lift the entire mower off the ground by using a step ladder. 

The wheels should easily come up with their axles still attached, so start by raising them until they are at the height you want then secure them in place using some rope or bungee cords.

If you have bare spots, thinning grass, or want to improve the overall appearance of your lawn, adding turf can be a great solution. Learn how to add turf to an existing lawn with our easy guide on how to add turf to existing lawn to achieve a healthier and lush looking lawn.

How To Adjust Lawn Tractor Cutting Heights?

Adjusting the mower deck height is a simple process that can be done in minutes.

Using a screwdriver, turn the adjusting nuts clockwise to raise or lower your mower deck. The cutting height should be set according to the grass you are cutting and the type of mower blade you have on your machine.

When your lawn tractor is new, it’s best to leave all of its parts as they are until after you have used it for some time and know what works best for your particular lawn care needs. Adjusting these settings too often will only wear out components faster than necessary!

Raising And Lowering Your Lawn Mowing Height Is Quite a Simple

Raising and lowering your lawn mower cutting height is quite simple. There are many ways to adjust the height of your lawn mower, but it’s important that you know how to do this in order to get the best cut possible.

The most common way to adjust the height of your lawnmower is with a lever attached by a cable at the front or rear end of your lawnmower’s deck. 

This lever allows you to raise or lower the cutting blades by moving them up or down on their shafts, which adjusts how much grass gets cut off at any given point during each pass over an area of ground covered by grass.

Adding grass seed to your lawn can help fill in bare spots and bring your lawn back to life. Our expert guide on how to add grass to lawn provides you with landscape advice, tips, and tricks for seeding and maintaining a healthy lawn.


I hope this guide has helped you learn how to adjust the mower cutting height. It’s a simple process that will make your lawn look better and help you save time when you need to mow.

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How do I adjust the height of my lawn mower?

To adjust the height of your lawn mower, locate the adjustment lever or knob near the wheels or on the deck of the mower. Consult your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to make the adjustment.

What is the ideal cutting height for my lawn?

The ideal cutting height for your lawn depends on the type of grass you have. Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue should be cut to a height of 2.5-3.5 inches, while warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass and zoysia should be cut to a height of 1-2 inches.

What should I do if my lawn mower is cutting grass unevenly?

If your lawn mower is cutting grass unevenly, it may be due to a dull blade, an improperly adjusted deck, or a low tire. Check these components and adjust or replace as necessary.

How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blades?

Lawn mower blades should be sharpened at least once per season, or more often if your lawn is particularly large or dense.

Can I adjust the cutting height of my lawn mower mid-season?

Yes, you can adjust the cutting height of your lawn mower mid-season if needed. Just be sure to make adjustments gradually to avoid damaging your lawn.